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Crawford County Clerk's Office - General Info

Records in the Crawford County Clerk's Office

Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Marriage Licenses
Indexes for Vital Records
Correction forms for Vital Records
Liquor Licenses
Raffle Licenses
Business Under Assumed Name File
Public records file
Wage Deductions
Prevailing Wage Rates
Delinquent Tax Records
Certificates of Error
Take Notices
Tax buyer records
Tax Redemption Book
Bonds and Oaths for Elected and Appointed Officials
County Board records
County Board Agendas and Minutes
County Board Oaths of Office
County Board Contracts
County Code Book
Tax Levies
Budget & Appropriation Ordinances
Financial Reports
Railroad Tax Book
List of Townhship Officers
List of Municipal Officers
List of Library District Officers
List of Cemetery District Officers
List of Fire District Officers
List of Park District Officers
Various maps (state districts, county board,Districts, council districts or wards, & precincts)
Early Census Records
Brand Book
Lists of elected and appointed officials by Township, Municipality, Park, Library, School, or County

Voter lists by name
Voter lists by address
Application for Absentee Ballot
Absentee Voter list
Temp. Absent Student Notice
Federal Post Card Registration
Voter Identification (I.D.) Card
List of Election Judges by party and precinct
Pollwatcher credentials
Specimen Ballots
Election results from past elections
Certificate of Nomination
Certificate of Election
Legal Notice of election
Legal notice of caucus
Legal notice of public question
Legal notice of computer text
Notice of precinct revision
Failure to vote notice
Statement of Candidacy
Loyalty Oath
Declaration to be a write- in-candidate
List of persons who filed a declaration of intent to be a write-in-candidate
Candidate petitions
Resolution to fill vacancy in nomination
Petitions to form a new party
Receipt for filing petitions
Deputy Voter Registrar’s Oath
Voter Registration forms
List of Deputy Voter Registrars
Application to transfer voter registration
Notice of suspension of voter registration
Certified copy of voter registration
Campaign Finance disclosure forms
Copies of Campaign Finance disclosure reports
Economic Interest Statements