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Crawford County Sheriff's Dept Jail Roster for Thursday October 30,2014
Prisoner Name:
Last, First
   Bonds, Holds
Anderson, Tyler A.    No Bond - HOLDS - So Vigo Co IN
Atteberry, Nicole J.    $1,525 Cash/$600 Cash - HOLDS - So Lawrence Co IL
Brown, Erica D.    $600 Cash - HOLDS - So Jasper Co IL, So Clay Co IL
Burton, Ryan    No Bond - Time Server - 364 Days
Christy, Victoria D.    Time Server - 180 Days
Correll, Jeremy S.    $350 Cash
Douglas, Guy L.    $175 Cash
Hancock, Charles M.    $3,525 Cash
Heckler, Wesley A.    $175 Cash / $1,100 Cash
Hout, Jordan L.    $5,025 Cash - HOLDS - So Coles Co IL
Lamb, Dannielle M.    $650 Cash
Langley, Joseph C.    $3,025 Cash
Lattimer, Robert T.    $250 Cash
Mattingly, William L.    $2,525 Cash
Miller, Tripper J.    $2,525 Cash
Ralston, Christopher R.    $3,100 Cash
Rose, Marina    $2,525 Cash
Ruff, Ricky J.    $175 Cash - HOLDS - So Morgan Co IN
Shonk, Michael C.    $5,025 Cash
Talley, Amber L.    $2,025 Cash
Tewell, Shawn G.    $7,025 Cash - HOLDS - IDOC
Wilkins, Tyler D.    $1,100 Cash
Winkler, Timothy A.    TO BE SET
Worstell, John Mark    $1,025 Cash

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