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Crawford County Sheriff's Dept Jail Roster for Saturday July 30,2016
Prisoner Name:
Last, First
   Bonds, Holds
Allison, Eric W.    $10,025 Cash
Armstrong, Tommy J.    $5,025 Cash
Beck, Curtis A.    TO BE SET
Bray, Allen J.    $10,025 Cash
Brown, Justin R.    $1,025 Cash
Cafin, Derek Lee    $7,525 Cash
Carpenter, Lois A.    No Bond, Time Server - 6 Years IDOC - Waiting on Transport
Carrell, William G.    Lawrence County Inmate
Cessna, Kelly W.    Lawrence County Inmate
Concepion, Moises R.    $4,025 Cash - HOLDS - So Champaign Co IL
Cox, Kelly R.    No Bond, Time Server - 180 Days
Cox, Tamara L.    $2,525 Cash - HOLDS - So Champaign Co IL
Crampton, Jarrett A.    $3,025 Cash
Deckard, Ronald D.    Lawrence County Inmate
Douglas, Donovan W.    $2,525 Cash
Douglas, Karen C.    TO BE SET
Ferguson, Justin C    Lawrence County Inmate
Gallion, Joseph M.    TO BE SET
Garfield, Crysta M.    $525 Cash
Hall, William R.    $2,525 Cash
Ham, Michael L.    $7,525 / $2,525 Cash
Harbin, William F.    $525 Cash
Hughett, Finis E.    Lawrence County Inmate
Krick, Justin R.    $7,525 Cash
Lewis, Kelly J.    $2,025 Cash
Logsdon, Benjamin S.    $2,525 Cash - HOLDS - So Lawrence Co IL
McWhinnie, John A.    $9,050 Cash - HOLDS - U.S. Marshal(Writ)
Molina , Lorenzo M.    Lawrernce County Inmate
Moody, Sean A.    $1,525 Cash
Morales, Pedro    $4,025 Cash
Napier, Ross E.    Lawrence County Inmate
Newlin, Kedly G.    No Bond
Nunnally, Steven N.    $3,025 Cash - HOLDS - So Clark Co IL
Overbay, David M.    No Bond, Time Server - 180 Days
Patton, John Paul    $1,025 Cash
Peterson, Joseph W.    $600 Cash - HOLDS - So Clark Co IL
Ryker, Randoloph R.    Lawrence County Inmate
Scott, Michael V.    $4,025 Cash
Shipman, James M.    $2,525 Cash
Slane, Lacey A.    TO BE SET
Smith, Robby J.    $1,525 Cash / $250 Cash
Stephens, Jeremy L.    $10,025 Cash - HOLDS - IDOC
Stevens, Ryan M.    $10,025 Cash, HOLDS - IDOC
Wall, Kayla M.    $2,025 / $250 Cash
Wells, Amanda C.    $4,025 Cash
Ziegler, Donald L.    $1,025 Cash

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