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Crawford County Sheriff's Dept Jail Roster for Thursday August 27,2015
Prisoner Name:
Last, First
   Bonds, Holds
Allen, Conner J.    No Bond, Time Server - 270 Days
Alspach, Christine A.    $250 Cash
Anians, Jesse J.    No Bond, Time Server - 100 Days
Armstrong, Tommy J.    $2,525 Cash
Attaway, Tammy L.    No Bond, HOLDS - MS DOC Warrant
Atteberry, Bradley K.    TO BE SET
Bricker, Bradley W.    $2,375 Cash
Carter, Michael A.    $5,025 Cash
Cherry, Nathaniel S.    No Bond, Time Server - 3 Years IDOC - Waiting on Transport
Churchwell, Jennifer M.    $2,525 Cash
Coleman, Matthew S.    $250 Cash - HOLDS - So Jefferson Co IL
Coope, Michael D.    $1,100 Cash
Deckard, Jared D.    Lawrence County Inmate
Decker, Kale E.    TO BE SET
Drummond, James P.    $600 Cash
Dunlap, Ronald C.    TO BE SET
Eddy, Derek W.    No Bond, Time Server 5 Days
Griffith, Ashley N.    $2,025 Cash - HOLDS - IDOC
Hart, Jessica L.    Lawrence County Inmate
Hayse, Raymond M.    $1,100 Cash
Hicks, Tracy E.    $1,525 Cash - HOLDS - So Clark Co IL
Hout, Jordan L.    $5,025 Cash - HOLDS - So Coles Co IL
Lamb, William C.G.    No Bond - Time Server - 364 Days
Livvix, Everett Adam    $10,025 Cash - HOLDS - Several Counties
Lopez, Tyler J.    $2,525 Cash
Love, Shanna L.    $250 Cash - HOLDS - So Lawrence Co IL
McCarter, Trevor A.    Lawrence County Inmate
McMain, Dara K.    $175 Cash
Miller, Tripper J.    $5,025 Cash
Moyes, Tiffany N.    Lawrence County Inmate
Oliver, Harry W.    $2,525 Cash
Queen, Steven B.    No Bond - Time Server 270 Days
Ragon, Edward W.    $1,025 Cash
Raymer, William J.    $1,025 Cash
Robinson, Jerod W.    No Bond
Scott, Joseph A.    No Bond, Time Server - 364 Days
Scott, Marcus E.    $3,525 Cash
Simmers, Zachary M.    $1,100 Cash
Simons II, Timothy E.    $2,525 Cash / $250 Cash
Snodgrass, Scott W.    $5,025 Cash
Stevens, Brice Cole    $15,025 Cash
Sutton, Patrick C.    Lawrence County Inmate
Thomlinson, Jamie R.    $3,525 Cash
Wilken, Levi C.    Lawrence County Inmate
Wilkins, Tyler D.    $250 Cash
York, Brian J.    $2,525 Cash

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